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The day of New Year's Eve

Lots of snow today but not so cold, a high of -6c but will be cold tonight. Having some people over for New Years eve, pizza and plonk theme so should be interesting, we shall see. View on ExposureRoom

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Boxing Day in Anshan

Christmas Day over and felt a little seedy but anyway, our friend Angela) who owns a bar downtown invited us all down there for drinks. She is a lovely lady, I had her son for classes and he kind of adopted us as family. When my granddaughters came she...

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We have had Christmas

Christmas dinner was a hit with everyone and they did like my trifle very much, even asked for the recipe. There were about 40 people here and our apartment was quite full. I forgot to take may photos due to being kind of busy cooking and having the odd...

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Test Zoundry

Warmer today, it got to -4c and tomorrow is due to be 4c so a warner day again. We had some kids come home to see how we ate, they enjoyed it. Children eating at home

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English Teachers I work with

I think that young people today are the same everywhere, they get up late and don't eat the most important meal of the day at home but come to work and eat snacks instead. But they are lovely ladies. Snowing today as well. View on ExposureRoom

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