A bit of a cough, and so a bit of a story

Published on by AnshanJohn

Coughed and sneezed and wheezed and hacked during the night so this morning, I say I am fine but she who must be obeyed whips me off to the new Doctors clinic.

Well it is a 4 storey building and gleaming throughout, had an x-ray, blood test and all the other checks and they decided to give me a drip, a common procedure here, a nurse grabs my arm and leads me to the cafeteria for a snack. Not usual but I went along.

They give me some steamed bread, boiled eggs and some sliced red cabbage, cucumber etc, unusual but tasty. I am the only one there and maybe I am getting some special treatment.

They tell me I should have a full stomach before the drip

Next, off to a lounge with a big TV and a lazy boy chair to sit in and a delightful young thing gives me the drip. This lasts about an hour and off I go after forking out the charges of $12.50, all in all I thought very reasonable and the staff were the most courteous, kind and helpful I have met here.

A good experience and I wont mind returning if the need shall ever arise but I am not expecting that to happen any time soon.

I can't be bothered getting old or sick.

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