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Rocky II premieres as Triumph teddy makes his mark
12 April 2012

After his debut back in February, the Navy’s only qualified teddy bear submariner, HMS Triumph’s Lt Rocky, has continued his adventures east of Suez.

The 30cm bear was donated to the Trafalgar-class boat by Triumph Motorcycles as a mascot and is proving to be a paws for good (sorry).

Rocky helps out one of Triumph's chefs in a very tight 3 Store

AFTER the success of Rocky, a sequel was inevitable.

Yes, it’s time for Rocky II – Rocky, the mascot of HMS Triumph that is.

The teddy bear – donated by the hunter-killer submarine’s affiliates, world-famous Triumph Motorcycles – enjoyed international fame (well, a few comments on Facebook and other social web sites…) courtesy of his debut back in February.

Two months later he’s back. And having experienced the sights and sounds of Bahrain on his last adventure, Lt Rocky knuckled down to proper work as Triumph resumed her east of Suez patrol.

Rocky helps baste the spuds for a Sunday roast

His adventures are being used to give youngsters an insight into life aboard a Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine on a lengthy deployment… and keep some of the crew occupied.

Now that Rocky has qualified as a submariner he has a little more free time on his paws and the opportunity to use his off watch to take part in wider submarine life.

Feeling tubby after too much good food and not enough exercise, Rocky decided that it was time to join the phys bosuns – Triumph’s resident keep fit fanatics.

With the exercise bike and rowing machine fully booked up as the ship's company worked on their beach bodies ready for the next run ashore, Rocky decided that it was time to hit the weights.

Rocky's relegated to soup-stirring duties after tasting too much

After all that exertion, Rocky felt a bit peckish so waddled along to the galley. Rather than feed the mascot, the chefs put the bear to good use – at just 30 centimetres tall, Rocky can reach parts of the submarine other crew cannot.

Triumph sailed on her latest patrol fully-stocked with enough food for three months at sea; the only way to get around the food store is to crawl. Rocky could easily reach those hard-to-get items and volunteered his services.

Even better, with some items buried he could sniff them out, though the 'RN Spec' pickles soon put him off digging too deeply. Often sidetracked by the smell of marmalade, he had to be closely supervised…

Aside from marmalade, there is nothing Rocky likes more than a large bowl of soup – but he always finds it too salty, or not salty enough. Wanting to get it just right, Rocky volunteered to be the guest cook for the night.

Producing 130 meals four times a day is quite a challenge so the chefs accepted his offer. The problem for Rocky was the tasting- he just could not stop it and soon the ship's company was complaining that there was less and less soup available. Demoted to soup stirrer, things improved.

After all that physical exercise and sweating in the galley the ship's company were starting to get worried about their mascot’s personal hygiene. Licking himself to keep clean could not hide his fruity aroma. Eventually, enough was enough and desperate measures were called for.

A much-needed wash for the teddy - with the rest of the crew's clothes

Fortunately the laundry staff were there to help. With water onboard Triumph limited, laundry is kept to a minimum at sea and four days (!) is the minimum acceptable time clothes are worn before washing. The pile of sweaty pants masked Rocky's musk for just long enough to get him in…

Still aching a bit from the weights and now feeling stuffed, Rocky decided to go back aft and see if the Medical Assistants (MAs) could help.  The petty officer medical assistant explained the range of procedures that can be carried out in the confines of a submarine, from prescribing treatments for coughs and colds to rigging the senior rates' Mess as an operating theatre.

After a quick examination, the POMA decided that there was only one thing for Rocky (we’ll leave it to your imagination…).

After having his dignity well and truly ransacked Rocky waddled forward to recover.

And on that bombshell, it’s time to end this update. Rocky, like his shipmates in the Devonport-based submarine, remains on patrol in the Middle East, where Triumph has now been since before Christmas.


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