Chinese Destroyer Qingdao Arrives at Sevastopol

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Chinese Destroyer Qingdao Arrives at Sevastopol

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Chinese Destroyer Qingdao Arrives at Sevastopol

Chinese destroyer Qingdao arrived at Sevastopol paying informal call, reports press service of Ukrainian Navy.

Ukrainian Navy Commander VADM Yury Ilyin met with the cruise commander – People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) North Sea Fleet Deputy Commander RADM Yang Junfei – and the destroyer’s commanding officer Capt Wang Haijiang.

During the meeting, Ilyin reminded that military cooperation between the two navies had started 10 years ago also with the visit of Chinese destroyer Qingdao to Sevastopol port. Ukrainian Navy Commander expressed hope that bilateral military partnership would go on. Chinese admiral wished sailors having good rest and impressions in Sevastopol and Crimea.

As for Rear Admiral Yang Junfei, the destroyer’s crewmembers heartily recall the previous visit to Sevastopol. He said the current visit would be another contribution to further strengthening of relations between Ukrainian and Chinese navies.

Chinese sailors are going to visit the Nakhimov Naval Academy and Ukrainian warships. They will also have sightseeing tours in Sevastopol and Crimea Peninsula.

Locals will have an opportunity to visit destroyer Qingdao which is to stay in Sevastopol up to Aug 4.




Source: Russian Navy, August 2, 2012; Image: Wikimedia


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