Dockwise on duty for Australian navy

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Dockwise on duty for Australian navy

August 8 - Dockwise's Blue Marlin is set to transport a hull measuring 230 m in length and destined for the amphibious Australian Landing Helicopter Dock (ALHD) flagship Canberra to be delivered to the Royal Australian Navy.

Dockwise was awarded to transport two ALHD hulls from Punta Langosteira, Spain to Melbourne, Australia. TheALHD Canberra is the first of two cargoes to commence the 12,000 nautical mile voyage around the Cape of Good Hope estimated to be completed in 45 days. 

The second, the ALHD Adelaide, is scheduled to be transported in early 2014. 

Both hulls are built along the lines of the Juan Carlos 1 of the Spanish Navy by the naval shipyard in Ferrol that is now managed by Navantia

Loading ALHD Canberra presented Dockwise with a complex technical challenge as the aircraft carrier hull protrudes 55 m over the stern of Blue Marlin and Dockwise marine engineers worked closely with the Navantia team to develop a new grillage and sea-fastening design to safeguard the hull against forces that may be encountered. 

The Australian Government has commenced a programme to increase its Amphibious Deployment and Sustainment (ADAS) capability to support a land force. This programme includes the acquisition of two Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships which are intended to replace their existing amphibious ships.

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