"U" Gunnery Instructors Qualifying - that was our Class Name - long winded is it not.

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"U" Gunnery Instructors Qualifying, qualified and had a party


Four Kiwi's, Jack Donnelly, Jim Senton, Don Boulter and myself - John Currin - decided to have a farewell party in the PO's Mess at Excellent. 
Jack and I had bought a Hillman car to run around in while we were there so we dicided to raffle this off with our guitar and assorted other goodies including empty beer cans in the car. 
Turned out to be a good do, enjoyed by all and sundry. 
Enjoyed my time at Whale Island as I was a single man and had many opportunities to have many an interesting time with various acquaintances from the Pompey area. 


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