Russia: Commission of Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Submarine Severodvinsk Postponed

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Commission of Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Submarine Severodvinsk Postponed

Project 885 Yasen fourth-generation nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine (SSGN)Severodvinsk will be commissioned into Russian Navy not earlier than 2013 due to problems in nuclear powerplant, reports business newspaper Vzglyad referring toInterfax and an insider in Russian defense industry.

“It was found out at the trials of SSGN Severodvinsk that her nuclear powerplant did not produce required power. Moreover, the sub does not keep designed level of silence. The submarine with such serious defects cannot join the Navy”, said the source of Interfax.

In addition, Dagdiesel Plant has not executed the contract for a new homing torpedo designed for Yasen-class submarines, said the interviewee. “So far, the new torpedo with required performance characteristics is not ready. The weapon they have made is dangerously explosive so cannot be used in submarines”, explained the source. According to him, if production of the new torpedo continues protracting, Severodvinsk can be armed with torpedoes used by Kursk-type nuclear subs.

Russian deputy defense minister Alexander Sukhorukov told reporters on Aug 8 that “the sub is on trials in the White Sea, and then will head from shallow waters to the Barents Sea”. He expressed confidence that the sub would finish trials in the current year, since “the manufacturer faces delay damages every day“.

Project 885 Yasen lead sub SSGN Severodvinsk was put afloat on June 15, 2010 and started sea trials in Sept 2011.

The second submarine SSGN Kazan is being built under advanced Project 885M Yasen-M. At least 8 submarines of this class are supposed to join Russian Navy by 2020.

Submerged speed of the submarine must exceed 30 knots; test depth must be 600 meters. Endurance is 100 days; crew is 90 men (32 officers). SSGN Severodvinsk costs about RUR 47 bln.

Expectedly, noisiness level of Yasen-class subs would be comparable to that of America’sVirginia-class submarines.


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Source: Russian Navy, August 15, 2012; Image: Wikimedia


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