Russia: Volga Dnepr Airlines Delivers Two Patrol Boats to Vladivostok

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Russia: Volga Dnepr Airlines Delivers Two Patrol Boats to Vladivostok

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Volga Dnepr Airlines Delivers Two Patrol Boats to Vladivostok

Air company Volga Dnepr Airlines has delivered two Project 12150 Mangust patrol boats from Moscow to Vladivostok on Aug 9 by An-124-100 Ruslan airplane.

Being almost 20 meters long, each 30-ton boat was placed onboard the airplane by trestle, rail tracks and external crane with lifting capacity of 110 tons.

“Our company has pretty wide experience of such deliveries“, points out Marat Muhametzianov, sales manager of the Volga Dnepr Airlines. “Many times we carried boats, yachts, submarines, and underwater research equipment. Among other cargo, we did carry Mangust-class craft. It was a firefighting rescue boat delivered to the Far East in 2006. Of course, prior to carriage of vessels, we discuss all details with a forwarding shipyard like disassembling plan, loading and shipping equipment, and technical conditions in order to deliver the cargo to destination point safely”, said the interviewee.

The boats are meant for security agencies of the Russian Federation and will be put in service in the nearest time. One of the first service tasks for them is providing security of the APEC Summit (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) to be held in Vladivostok in Sept 1-8.

The charterer is Vympel Shipyard specializing in construction, repair and modernization of ships and boats. The delivery was arranged in a short time thanks to unique aircraft and transport technologies available to Volga Dnepr Airlines and making possible to accomplish any logistic task promptly.

Mangust is a fast-speed hydroglider designed for on-call operations in territorial waters and performing tasks of maritime police, customs services, and fisheries conservation inspections in littoral waters.



Source: Russian Navy, August 15, 2012; Image: Forum


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