Indian Navy’s INS Tarkash Frigate Passes Sea Trials with Flying Colors

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Indian Navy's INS Tarkash Frigate Passes Sea Trials with Flying Colors

Indian Navy’s INS Tarkash (F46) frigate, built by the Yantar shipyard in Kaliningrad, Russia, has passed her state sea trials in the Baltic Sea with flying colors, ITAR-TASS informed on Aug 25.

INS Tarkash forms part of the second batch of Talwar-class frigates ordered in 2006 by the Indian Navy under the Project 11356, comprising three frigates.

According to the statement of Yantar Shipyard spokesman since the frigate’s launching from the shipyard’s quay in June, she endured various types of testing including a firing test of mid-range surface-to-air missile system Shtil-1.

INS Tarkash will return for final examination in the shipyard in September, where it will be given the final touches in preparation for its hand over to its owners in November.

In terms of specifications, the frigates can develop a top speed of  30 knots, reaching an operating range of 4,500 miles. The vessels from the series are armed with gun mounts, antiaircraft missile/gun systems, torpedo tubes, and anti-ship missiles.



Naval Today Staff, August 28, 2012; Image: Yantar shipyard 





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