HMS St Albans, the 16th and last of the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates, will arrive in port at 6.30pm.

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Dartmouth Regatta guardship will arrive on Thursday

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
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THE Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta will welcome its guardship into port on Thursday evening.

HMS St Albans, the 16th and last of the Royal Navy’s Type 23 frigates, will arrive in port at 6.30pm.

  1. HMS St Albans

    HMS St Albans

HMS St Albans recently contributed to the multinational exercise, Joint Warrior and an anti-submarine exercise.

She has conducted a hometown visit to London, commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the Artic convoys in Reykjavik and attended Hamburg’s Hafengeburtstag festival (‘harbour birthday’) which celebrates the 823rd birthday of the port. She will spend the remainder of 2012 in UK waters contributing to one of the Military Tasks.

She is capable of carrying a Lynx HMA8 or a Westland Merlin HM1 helicopter.

The commanding officer is Commander Andrew Block.

Regatta Chairman Hilary Bastone said, “This is a tremendous boost for our Royal Regatta.

"We always look forward to receiving the Royal Navy particularly with the town’s close association with the Britannia Royal Naval College. A frigate of this magnitude will provide an imposing background to our events in the harbour.”

Visitors to Dartmouth Royal Regatta are being reminded that Dartmouth’s lower ferry and the town’s Park and Ride will be extending their hours on peak days during the historic event.

The ferry will be doubling up its service ferrying foot passengers and vehicles from 7am to 10.55pm on Thursday August 30, Friday August 31 and Saturday September 1.At these times both ferries will be running on those days. The Regatta officially begins on Saturday August 25th running until Sunday September 2.

The town’s Park and Ride will be extending its hours during the event operating from 8am to 10pm on Wednesday August 29, 8am to 11pm on the Thursday and Friday and 8am to midnight on the Saturday.

The Park and Ride car park site is opposite the Sainsbury’s store and South Hams District Council has organised overflow sites for parking in nearby fields which will be open if needed.

The fair will be using Mayors Avenue car park during the Regatta week, so it will be closed for parking. Some parking will be available in Coronation Park, but visitors are advised to use Park and Ride.

For further information about the Dartmouth Lower Ferry or the Park and Ride facilities in the town, contact South Hams District Council on 01803 861234 or visit the Council’s website at


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