Mid-Autumn Festival

Published on by jcinanshan

Today is a traditional festival to celebrate the harvest  from the summer. It is timed by the lunar calendar to coincide with the full moon. Mooncakes are eaten during this festival , they are made from a type of shortcake and filled with different kinds fruits and pastes.

They were considered a treat in days gone by and still are with many, but the younger ones in the cities are not as keen on them as there parents etc are, they now prefer KFC and the like, but they like the holiday although most are given extra homework to do during the break.

Nice and sunny today but has been cooler overnight.

Video of one of my classes making mooncakes, all the classes did it and enjoyed the change. The galley cooked them all and then kids wrapped them up to take hope to give to parents, actually they were much better than the bought ones.

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