Nokia N8 - I bought a new camera and it included a phone

Published on by jcinanshan

I already had a super duper mobile phone with a good camera and 35Gb of storage but I wanted a new one.

I really wanted a very good camera that was not as bulky as my present good camera and  I did not like carrying a phone and camera all the time so, I bought a new camera, made by Nokia and it included a phone, wonderful I thought. The camera is 12 Megapixels, 2 more than my present camera and 7 better than my old phone, includes HD video, a brilliant flash, and is smaller than my present phone,  it is Nokia’s very latest, the N8 and I am very happy with it, until, I guess, something better comes out. I presented my old, well not even a year old, Nokia N97 to Mei and she is having some problems learning how to drive it.

George, Mei’s son said I should get an IPhone but the camera is not wonderful on them and I like Nokia and I don’t play games, and only listen to music sometimes. New phone has 16gb of storage which is plenty or I can upgrade to 32Gb, same as my old one. Maybe later.




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